Digital Culture Center

Our Goal

The Lela Karagianni building has been fully renovated and, with the contribution of Microsoft, it serves as a modern educational hub for the 6th Municipal Community of Athens, open for those who wish to develop professional competencies necessary for the new digital era. With respect to its legacy, the building, which has been synonymous with the highest human value that we call “freedom”, will once again give back to the community by providing free access to digital knowledge.

The START project aims in transforming education in a cohesive network that will contribute in the development of the local community and the overall upgrade of the area by boosting entrepreneurship and the creation of new ideas, as well as the constructive exchange of concepts and cultural values between individuals, regardless of their differences in terms of age, origin and religion.

“With this initiative of our Municipality, we are revitalizing our neighborhood and we are laying the groundwork for our fellow citizens to act and collaborate within the walls of this unique building. We open our doors to young children, students and people of all ages”, said Eleni Zondirou, President of the 6th Municipal Community.

“The utilization of the Lela Karagianni building is the third step in promoting digital education, following the initiative of Innovathens that took place at Tehnopolis in the center of Athens. Now we have focused on the neighborhoods of our city, and more specifically in this case, on a neighborhood that includes Greek citizens, refugees and migrants. We will open the doors of a building that will be properly equipped in order to offer digital education courses and in which we will create a lab for 3D printing and web design”, said Konstantinos Hambidis, Head of Digital Strategy for the Municipality of Athens.



Lelas Karagianni 1, Athens 112 52, Kipseli
Phone: +302155650619
Contact Hours: 10:00 – 15:00 Monday – Friday


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